Seasonal haircare Take care of your hair in every season.

Seasonal haircare Take care of your hair in every season.

From transitioning your wardrobe to switching up your coffee order (unless you’re a ride or die iced latte lover – if so, we see you), as the seasons change, our routines often do, too. It’s not uncommon for our skincare to join the party, either, as we swap out heavier, more emollient moisturisers for lighter gel and water-based creams. But, what about our haircare?

Chances are you use the same products year-round, which is nothing to stress about – most of us would attest to being in the same boat. However, just like our skincare (and our clothes, and what we ask our baristas for) there’s a whole lot of benefit that comes along with selecting the right haircare products for the current season. 

Ready to unleash your hair’s full potential? Let’s break down everything you need to know about seasonal haircare, including the right skelp! products to help bring those dreams of good scalp. good hair. good health to life. The best part? The comprehensive active ingredients and all-rounder nature of our products means that adding skelp! hair and scalp care to your routine is the easiest way to smooth the transition between seasons for healthier, happier hair year-round. 

What is seasonal haircare? 

Simply put, seasonal haircare is an approach to looking after your locks that prioritises working with the elements and the weather, rather than a static haircare routine that doesn’t change throughout the year. It involves changing out products as the seasons transition to ensure your hair and scalp remain healthy, calm, and hydrated. Each season commands a different line-up of products to address the most prominent environmental stressors, whether that’s humidity, the cold, dryness, and so on. 

Haircare in spring

As the flowers begin to bloom and the heat increases with summer on the horizon, spring is a great time to focus on hydration and protection. All hair types need nourishment to ensure the hair cuticle doesn’t dry out and become split and damaged, so a moisturising shampoo and conditioner and the occasional hair mask or treatment will work wonders. Another must-do is protecting the hair against harsh external stressors like UV rays, free radicals and pollutants.

Protect against UV damage

Regardless of the season, it’s critical to protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun’s harsh UV rays. There are a few ways to do this, including covering your hair and scalp up with a hat. However, one of the most effective methods to help keep the hair safe against UV damage is by incorporating antioxidants like Vitamins B and C into your haircare routine. Vitamin C in particular is a superstar ingredient that acts as a protective barrier for the hair, scalp, and skin, neutralising UV damage in addition to free radical damage from environmental stressors. You’ll find Vitamin C in the skelp! The Healer Serum, which is applied as a leave-in treatment, making it ideal for long-lasting protection between washes. 

Haircare in summer

Let’s move onto the most polarising of the seasons – summer! Whether you love it or you hate the heat and humidity, the need to protect your hair to keep it healthy remains. In summer, not only will you have to deal with rising temperatures that can make your hair feel oily and frizzy faster, but if you’re a beach babe, you’ll need to factor in products to cleanse the scalp and hair after lots of sea air and salty water, like our Head First Pre-Cleanser. 

Keep humidity at bay

Intense humidity can really stress the hair and scalp out, leading to greasiness, changes in texture, and for some hair types, dehydration or dryness. Everyone’s hair handles the heat differently, but many of us will experience an oily scalp and tresses more quickly in the summer months, which means more frequent washing as a result. Here’s the problem – frequent washing can strip the hair of beneficial natural oils, which in turn can dry out the cuticle and encourage frizz (a phenomenon that’s already present for many in the warmer months). To avoid this, try to maintain your regular routine and opt for grease-hiding hairstyles in between washes, or lean on dry shampoo, albeit sparingly. 

Give buildup the flick

Every good summer haircare routine should include an exfoliant. Why? Well, if you’re spending days on end at the beach, in and out of saltwater, those unfamiliar minerals can build up on the scalp, leading to a change in your hair’s texture and preventing necessary moisture from being absorbed back into the scalp. This makes summer the perfect time to lean on the skelp! Head First Pre-Cleanser, a pre-shampoo treatment that’s formulated with gentle chemical exfoliants like Glycolic and Lactic acids that will help slough away dead skin cells and clear away any scalp build-up that’s prohibiting healthy hair. 

Haircare in autumn

As the weather begins to get cooler and drier, our scalp and hair may try to follow suit – but as we all know, the key to healthy hair is balance! Ensuring the scalp stays nourished and calm will prevent flaking or a change in your hair’s texture and moisture levels.

Stay hydrated now 

There’s no point waiting for winter to hit – autumn is the perfect time to give your hair and scalp a boost of hydration to prepare for drier, colder weather. If you use lighter formulas in summer, switch them out for products that are designed to nourish and lock in moisture. Products like the skelp! Clean Sweep Shampoo and Protector Conditioner focus on delivering hydration through ingredients like Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E). Panthenol is a humectant, AKA an expert at drawing in moisture from the environment and binding it to the hair and scalp. Panthenol also seals the hair’s cuticle, forming a protective layer over each strand to help prevent frizz, breakage, and split ends. In the skelp! Protector Conditioner, Vitamin B5 is paired with Tocopherol, a powerful conditioning agent designed to smooth, soften, and hydrate the hair. 

Haircare in winter 

Finally, the chilliest of months demand a carefully curated haircare routine, designed to combat dehydration and retain as much moisture in the hair follicle as possible. As winters tend to be dry, this is also when frizz comes out in full force, which many of us – especially those with naturally frizzy, wavy, or curly hair – lament. 

Minimise frizz

As the air dries out, so can our strands, leading to frizz and static. Thankfully, there are a few small steps you can take in winter (and throughout the year as necessary) to turn down the dial on frizz and achieve smoother, silkier hair. There are a few causes of frizz, but perhaps the most common is lack of moisture in the hair, which causes the hair cuticle to become rough as a result. To counteract this, the first step is using nourishing products formulated with humectants that bind moisture to the hair follicle, such as Panthenol and Hydrolysed Wheat Protein. The skelp! The Healer Serum incorporates the latter, a hardworking ingredient that locks hydration in tightly, protects against damage, and adds volume to the hair. 

Editing your haircare routine by season can lead to endless benefits for your hair and scalp health, as well as your hair’s texture and appearance. Smooth, silky locks and a happy scalp, year ‘round? Check – especially when you have skelp! in your corner. The best bit is that skelp! products are 

After all, the best hair days begin with your scalp. Explore the skelp! range today to level up your scalp game and unlock better hair, regardless of the season. 

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