Easy 4-Step Skincare Routine with skelp!

Easy 4-Step Skincare Routine with skelp!

We’ll be the first to admit that scalp care needs a little demystifying – in fact, that’s where the skelp! ethos really began. While skincare has been overcomplicated to the point of no return, scalp care doesn’t get much love, and as a result, has stayed in the shadows for way too long.

But, did you know that the right scalp care routine has the potential to address a multitude of hair concerns and can lead to shinier, fuller, and healthier locks? We know… life-changing. We see you googling ‘tips for healthy hair growth’, and we raise you an easy-to-implement regimen comprised of tried-and-tested skelp! scalp care products that will give your hair all the building blocks it needs to step up its game. Here at skelp!, we know the drill – good scalp, good health, good hair. 

What does a healthy scalp look like? 

Before we dive right into the routine, it’s critical to understand what actually constitutes a healthy scalp. Well, you’re on the right track if your scalp feels clean, balanced, and calm for at least a few days after washing your hair. You won’t notice any excessive dryness or flakes, nor will oily flakes from dandruff appear. And, perhaps the biggest sign is that your hair will feel healthy, strong, and not brittle. 

On the flip side, if you’re experiencing flakes, redness, itchiness, or hair thinning, your scalp is definitely in need of a little TLC… and for the most part, that’s nothing a good scalp routine can’t help with. 


Step 1: Head First Pre-Cleanser

You may be familiar with the concept of pre-cleansing your face – using a cleanser of a certain type, usually an oil or balm, as a precursor to the real deal to ensure you remove every scrap of dirt, makeup, and excess oil. They’ve been lauded as the key to happier skin, and have amassed a following that can only be described as ‘cult-like’. But, what about pre-cleanser for your scalp – ever heard of it? Well, neither had we, which is why the skelp! Head First Pre-Cleanser was born.

The ultimate refresh for your scalp, think of our Pre-Cleanser as the preparatory first step in any good hair and scalp regimen. It’s designed to gently wear away at impurities that accumulate on the scalp in between washes, such as product build-up, excess oil, dead skin cells, and free radicals found in our natural environment. Lactic and glycolic acids offer mild chemical exfoliation, and vitamin C protects and adds hydration. The result? A calmer, healthier scalp and hair that feels cleaner post-shampoo.

How to use:

  1. Divide dry hair into sections.

  2. Spray the product directly onto your scalp, making sure to cover it thoroughly.

  3. Gently massage your scalp to stimulate and activate the product and help to remove impurities.

  4. Leave the product on for 5 to 10 minutes.

  5. Rinse your hair well with warm water.

  6. Follow with the skelp! Clean Sweep Shampoo for best results.

Step 2: Clean Sweep Shampoo and All-Rounder Brush

After pre-cleansing, it’s time for the main (or mane, if you prefer) event – washing your hair with the skelp! Clean Sweep Shampoo. What sets this product apart from your run-of-the-mill shampoo is ingredients like niacinamide (vitamin B3), panthenol (vitamin B5) and biotin (vitamin B7). This super-B cocktail packs a hefty punch, hydrating and strengthening the hair follicles whilst simultaneously calming and balancing the scalp.

Clean Sweep also works wonders with the help of Defenscalp, a signature ingredient you’ll find in a few skelp! products. Defenscalp contains potent rosebay extract, which balances out the scalp’s often-sensitive ‘ecosystem’, reducing dryness and flaking and controlling sebum protection for a cleaner, healthier scalp and hair. 

Our favourite way to shampoo with Clean Sweep is by pairing it with the skelp! All-Rounder Brush to reduce tangles and ensure even distribution of product. Brush your hair prior to wetting it to avoid snagging wet hair, apply your product, lather, rinse, and then brush again. Remember, brushing your hair is important for your scalp – a good brush like our All-Rounder will exfoliate the scalp, stimulate growth, and ensure the hair looks and feels silky smooth. 

How to use: 

  1. After rinsing out the Head First Pre-Cleanser, wet your hair and apply Clean Sweep Shampoo.

  2. Distribute the shampoo and lightly lather. 

  3. Grip the All-Rounder Brush with the handle and apply desired pressure to the scalp to massage through the shampoo. 

  4. Repeat on all areas of the scalp to ensure even distribution. 

  5. Rinse out product thoroughly with warm water.

  6. Follow with the skelp! Protector Conditioner for best results. 


Step 3: Protector Conditioner

Once your hair is feeling squeaky clean, give it a much-needed hit of moisture with the skelp! Protector Conditioner. Not only is this product an absolute ace when it comes to hydration, but it’s also laden with antioxidants to help protect the hair and scalp from environmental stressors and free radical damage. Think of it as skin protection, for your scalp!

Doing most of the heavy lifting here is vitamin E (tocopherol), an antioxidant with incredible protective properties. It’s also an expert conditioner, so it’ll keep your hair and scalp soft and nourished while forming a barrier to ward off the damage we encounter by just existing in the world day to day. Alongside vitamin E, refreshing fruit extracts including blueberry and lemon also perform antioxidant duties, protecting the scalp and hair whilst hydrating, cleansing, and fortifying the hair. The Protector Conditioner also contains hotshot ingredient vitamin B5 to do all of the above, plus strengthen the hair shaft to prevent breakage. With this line-up of ingredients, all we can say is your hair and scalp are in good hands! 

How to use: 

  1. Rinse out skelp! Clean Sweep Shampoo.

  2. Apply skelp! Protector Conditioner directly onto scalp and hair. 

  3. Working the conditioner from the roots to the ends, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips. 

  4. Leave the conditioner on for 2 minutes. 

  5. Rinse product from hair thoroughly.

Step 4: The Healer Serum 

The final step in your skelp!-approved scalp care routine is The Healer Serum, a little miracle-in-a-bottle (if we do say so ourselves) that aims to heal and restore the scalp with a final powerful punch of antioxidants and actives. This serum is featherlight, making it a suitable product for any hair and scalp type, including oily and combination. Key ingredients include vitamin C for free radical protection, biotin to strengthen the hair follicle and promote healthy growth, and Defenscalp to balance and reduce flaking. The final piece of the puzzle here is hydrolysed wheat protein, which is a game-changer for damaged hair. If used regularly, it fortifies the hair, making it stronger, more nourished, and more voluminous over time. It’s also another great ingredient for protecting the hair long-term against environmental stressors.

How to use: 

  1. After conditioning, towel dry your hair and apply 5-10 drops of the serum directly to the scalp. Remember, a little goes a long way – don’t overdo it! 

  2. Gently massage the serum into the scalp.

  3. This is a leave-in product, so following application, leave in and style your hair as normal.

While scalp care isn’t yet firmly part of the current beauty zeitgeist, it’s well on its way – and your hair and scalp will thank you for jumping on the bandwagon early with skelp! Unlocking the power of high-quality skincare and ingredients with our scalp care solutions, we’re changing the game to help your hair thrive, from root to tip. 

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